Job Hunting ~ My Way…

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I got up today with a plan to not just look for a job,

 but look for the right job. The things I have done before, 

 just aren’t good enough today, and I know the meaning of  

“Live and Learn ” is more than just words.

The last time I was out of work,

I would apply for everything I thought I could do.

I would go to every mall and surrounding areas asking,

“Are you hiring,” And was told

I could either fill out an application in the store or online.

If I was lucky to get an interview, yeah, and hope for the best.

I would accept any job, because I knew I needed to work.

I do NEED a job, but I want to be happy.

I may be pushing that ‘feeling,’ but I am hopeful.

I am going all out on looking for companies that I want to work at 

and NOT work just to be working.

I spent five and a half hours today doing just that.

I came across a GOOD home base job,

but I cannot type 25 wpm (NOW)

I know what I can do,

how I can improve what I already know,

 and get the job where I want to be.

Its time to get back to

My Job Hunt.

Bye IV Now, LD*

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