Cutting Words……

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I didn’t want to redo my book, because I thought I had done a good job as it was. I knew my story was good, so why should I change it? I had left a publisher to look at it and said these hard words, “I don’t think your story is good, but I will still help you publish it.” Yes, for a healthy payment.

It took me a moment to overcome her words. I had to remember all of the changes I made before allowing her to read it. I listen to:

  • You need to add more detail.
  • You need to have more surprises.
  • You need to build up to the high part.

The list goes on, but today my eyes were open. I NEED to not only edit, but get my story back to where it was supposed to be from the start. 

I know it’s going to take a moment, because I took one story and  scratched that into three books. Now I decided to combine over 15,000 words into one book of 5,000 words. 

Today was the first day of my word cuts. I know this is going to take a good minute to finish, but I am going to do it and do it my way….

Bye IV Now, LD*

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