Still Being Creative….

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I once said, “Every stitch counts,” and now I am going to reuse my own words. I enjoy crocheting and reading. I usually have one or both items in my bag. On a short trip, one stitch is better than no stitch at all or reading the start of a good story makes one look forward to fully reading the book. 

It took me a moment, but I finally finished that king size blanket. I meant to take a picture, but was so happy I was done. I just wanted to give it to its owner and out of my sight. I do have a picture of it as I worked on it.

I will get back to writing and creating. I was editing my book, because I thought I was ready to set it free. I want a more positive outlook and I am having second thoughts on my book. The real problem is, I have a second book I have been going over and over in my mind, and I just stopped writing altogether. 

I will continue to edit my first book, and stay creative. It’s 6am here and it’s time to actually start my day and have a cup of coffee…..

Bye IV Now, LD*

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