Young People…

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I WILL NEVER understand young people…..

I try thinking  back when I was young, and wonder if the words I spoke seem smart to me, but unclear to someone older?

What I thought was right, might not have been right, or at least Not totally right.

I listen to my young co-workers and want to scream, “calm down and slow down.” Spending a lot of money on a bag or a new pair of shoes, isn’t worth two pay checks or hanging out all night and being able to go to work the next day. 

  1. If you are not using that bag more than three times a week or it cannot hold much of anything. It’s not a good bag and you wasted your money. Unless you really have a good job and pay your own bills. Meaning the place where you call home.
  2. If you are out with your friends enjoying yourself, following the crowd with the drinks and what not. Okay, that’s cool, but if you are not in control of your body and have to call out for work. Be up front with it, because the same people you are calling your friends are at work telling all they know. You should also be aware you could lose your job and trust me when I say, “Those very people you call friends WILL NOT HELP YOU.

Okay, I am done trying to understand young people. They don’t want to listen to someone who has done that and wished someone had told me what I know now.

Bye IV Now, LD*

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