Hat Set Done…

Photo by Demeter Attila on Pexels.com

I finally finished that hat and scarf set. True it wasn’t to my liking, but who am I? When I finally actually got in touch with my client, she told me she had changed the colors, but she liked what I did. I wanted to say, “I texted her a few times showing pictures, all with no response, and went with what I liked.” 

She actually wanted a black and yellow, but I couldn’t do the bumble bee look. I saw this mixed orange color yarn and fell in love with its colors. I had to add the black to give her almost the colors she wanted.

Easy Crochet C2C Hat and Scarf | Crochet easy hat scarf set | Bag O Day Crochet Tutorial

Bag-O-Day Crochet    Feb 18, 2021  #bagodaycrochet #easycrochet #crochet :  / @bagodaycrochet   #easycrochet #crochet #bagodaycrochet Learn how to crochet easy hat and scarf set for beginner crochet. Easy C2C crochet hat and scarf set.

I Love Crystal  ‘Bag-O-Day Crochet’ youtube page, because her words are easy to follow. Crocheting isn’t hard and so much fun. I will be making more sets for next winter…

Bye IV Now, LD*

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