My Quest…

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~ It is high time I get a series about selling my crochet items. I have been putting this off and I am so over doing this to myself. I am going to restart this quest. I am also going to do this my way, learning from others, and having fun along the way. 

Ready Set Goooooo………….


Crochet Blanket Sizes Chart 

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Crochet Size Chart with blanket sizes & how many stitches it takes to get started

Candy Eilers


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~ These charts can give you an idea on what size a blanket should be. I normally make my blankets a little bigger, because I like my blankets to be with the child a little longer. Well, if I am working on a blanket for a child.

~ I was looking for a direct answer to my question, “how much should I charge for a crochet blanket,” and I got more questions than answers. Examples…….

~ I did find two websites that actually gave me a direct answer……..

~ I am not yet ready to size and price all of my projects (yet), because I am going to turn every last scrap of yarn into a project. That is my first step and it’s time to get crocheting……

Bye IV Now, LD*

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