Part 1: More Than a Flea Market..

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Thinking outside of the box can be interesting as well as a lot of work. It has been said, “anything worth having, is worth fighting for, and working hard to set that dream free.” I know I got that quote wrong, but the meaning is still there.

When I think about selling my projects online the cost : 

  1. Website
  2. Name
  3. Packaging
  4. Shipping & Handling
  5. Credit Card payments
  6. Safe gardening yourself and your customers

Then I am wondering how I can make this more personal? I am mostly crocheting for myself, because I Really enjoy doing it. I also like to shop and there have been countless times when I saw an item, but didn’t care for the color. I would think, “too bad it’s not my size or the right color?” 

I cannot be the only one who thinks like this when they are shopping for a special event or just looking and something catches your eyes. The unexpected item is always  the best item to buy.

I was thinking about the farmers market and realized I can sell my projects at a flea market. I could also have cards made out and then people can request a personal blankets I can crochet for them.

Question : A list of everything you need to sell items at a flea market 2023

Answer   : {}

How and What to Sell at Flea Markets and Garage Sales in 2023{}

This site gave me some good advice and I was thinking about signing up for its program. There were a lot of good reviews, and I was a little curious what its rating was on BBB?  

No answer there, but yet another question. Skynova doesn’t have an address, but a p.o box number. That got me thinking..

Question : If a company has a PO Box address is it a real company?

Answer  : {}

Does your company need a business address, virtual address, or PO Box? By Kathryn Pomroy July 19, 2019

Every state requires that a company’s registered agent have a physical mailing address in the state where the company is registered. A PO Box won’t count as a physical mailing address.Jul 19, 2019  {}

 {} PO Box vs Virtual Mailbox – Why you might want one and how to get one!

Creative Hive  1 year ago  #etsyshop #handmadebusiness #craftbusiness 

 If you’re watching this video, you’re probably thinking about creating some privacy boundaries between your household and your small business. {}

Video # 1: I never heard of virtual mail and this sounds like a better idea than having a PO Box address.

 {}   1 year ago  #virtualmailbox  Are Virtual Mailboxes Safe? (I put them to the TEST with AirTags)All Things Secured  Not every virtual mailbox is safe and secure. How do I know? I sent three packages to three different virtual addresses, tracking them along the way, to find out. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are some HUGE differences! {}

Video # 2: This video shows different  virtual mailboxes and better ways of using them.  

{}  Jul 7, 2022 What is better ? UPS Store Mailbox or USPS PO Box ?

Flippin Goodies  {}

Video # 3: I may have to rewatch this, because I didn’t get an answer to the title’s question.

I didn’t realize how one answer to one question has opened the door to many more questions. Then again it is best to have answers for every angle to an important question, until every question has been answered.

It never crossed my mind to use my home address when I start my business and was considering using a PO box address, but I now know a PO box address isn’t for a business.

Looking into – a virtual mailbox and a UPS mailbox for business is going to take some more time looking into. To think I got these new questions waiting to know more about selling my crochet items at a flea market.

It’s time to get back to crocheting……

Bye IV Now, LD*

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