Back to the Square

I knew I wanted to make a boy’s blanket and I wanted to do another new pattern. I can’t believe I actually went through five different patterns before I settled on the Granny Square Stitch. Although I have done this pattern countless times. I know there are countless ways of doing the same stitch and if it was a chance to learn something new? 

I crochet and I am opened to learning different ways, because there is “No one way” to actually do a crochet stitch. I enjoy learning something new (#5 – I believe it’s called a standing stitch).

#1: Waffle Stitch

Lamplight Crochet Tutorial #27 Waffle Stitch Baby Blanket



HOW to CROCHET CATHERINE’S WHEEL – Crochet Stitch Pattern by Naztazia

You can learn how to Crochet the Catherine’s Wheel Stitch pattern in this DIY video tutorial. Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Naztazia. This is a nice crochet stitch for beginner to advanced crocheters. The stitches are composed of two opposite shell clusters that form a circle, wheel, or round object. This stitch pattern works great in a blanket, a scarf, or a shawl. It would also look nice in a sweater or other fashion accessories.

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#3: Easy Breezy Mile A Minute Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

#Crochet #CrochetPodcast #TheSecretYarnery

Easy Breezy Mile A Minute Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern | The Secret Yarnery

Do you love crochet, crochet tutorials, easy crochet patterns, and the occasional crochet along?  Whether you want to learn to crochet, looking for new crochet designs, crochet stitches, crochet ideas,  yarn & yarnspirations, or a step by step crochet tutorial, you have found the right place!  The Secret Yarnery is here to help you bring your creative aspirations into reality with motivation, inspiration, and easy diy tutorials.  Join us! 

#4:  V Stitch Square

Super easy crochet: V Stitch Square

Blossom Crochet   Super easy V Stitch square – can be used for small individual squares or one large continuous square of any size! Find me on Instagram:…

#5: The Super Stash Busting Granny Square Blanket!

Blossom Crochet

Blossom Crochet: The Super Stash Busting Granny Square Blanket!

Granny Squares are a great stash busting project. – whether you choose to make lots of small ones or a huge one, this crochet tutorial will help you do it!

Time to get back to crocheting..

Bye IV Now, LD*

Back to the Piano

I am Not going to lie, but I am in a funny mood. 

I want to write, but too many words are  mixed up in my head. 

I want to crochet, but I am at a loss of which yarn or project I should do.

I start working on one project and then I look at my unused yarn and

then I want to start working on another project.

I am tired of looking for a new Anime to watch one that doesn’t have any 

fighting (Killing)  in it or about anything that would go against my Christain views…

I am going back to watching a New Favorite anime which is “Forest of Piano”  

Bye IV Now,LD*

Traveling Online #7: Connecticut

My next stop in Connecticut and as I was looking at a list of America’s States. There was a time when I knew them by heart. I am surprised I don’t remember them all, because of the amount of time I spent memorizing each one. Then again that was more than 30 years ago.. In this new age where one can sit at a desk where there is a computer and an answer to almost every question that can be asked….

{} Connecticut US State

Description Connecticut is a U.S. state in southern New England that has a mix of coastal cities and rural areas dotted with small towns. Mystic is famed for its Seaport museum filled with centuries-old ships, and the beluga whale exhibits at Mystic Aquarium. On Long Island Sound, the city of New Haven is known as the home of Yale University and its acclaimed Peabody Museum of Natural History. ― Google {}


New Yorkers are MOVING here?:Walking Stamford, CT Downtown (1/25/ 2021)

ActionKid    I walk in the downtown area of Stamford, CT. I exit a Metro-North train at the Stamford Station, walk on South State Street, north on Atlantic Street, and then west on Broad Street to the Mill River Park. {}

#1 This video was a little sad, because after getting off of the train there wasn’t any sound or any kind of information. I came close to stop watching this video and moving on, but my list of videos was low. I did fast forward stopping when I came across something that caught my attention and hoping I could figure out what it was.

  1. The library was colorful and I liked the building…
  2. A set of trees in an open space where there were some names on a small wavy wall, across the street from a fancy Target.
  3. A nice walk way where I could imagine sitting on a bench and enjoying a book.

It still would have been nice to know what I was looking at, because I’m sure that walkway had a name. Oh well, I am hoping to have better luck with the next video, because so far I am a little bored…..

{}  MYSTIC AQUARIUM   The Mystic Aquarium, Mystic, CT 2021

MR Journey   Beluga Whales of The Mystic Aquarium , Mystic, CT 2021. First time we are visit Mystic Aquarium. We are very excited to see Beluga and Shark and lots of Ocean Fish.{}

#2 Once again I started to end a video, before I was done with it, because if I cannot understand what is being said in a video it wasn’t meant for me. Then just as the pointer was inches away from the stop button, there were some kids and “yes” they spoke English.

**Side note: Please don’t take my words out of order. I believe if a person can speak more than one language and it is their history PLEASE talk and teach the next generation, so your history won’t be lost. Teach it to others so we can learn and understand each other. So, I apologize if I miss and hurt someone’s feelings.

I had to fast forward the video. I am not really a sea person, well I like an open space. There were some pretty colorful fishes and loud sea animals .

{}[HD] First steam train of 2021 – Connecticut Valley Railroad, 3/20/21 

South Coast Rail Videos {}

#3 No, I did not watch this whole video. I have bored myself out. I found a few other videos, but nothing worth watching I am sorry to say. I am sure Connecticut is a cool place to visit and I am just just finding a good video. 

Side note: I wish I hadn’t cut the boring videos and was thinking about adding them anyway, but I didn’t want to bore anyone else. One was more information, more of a history report (on the rich & poor side of town), the others a drive through with no sound, the wind, a piano (which was nice), and some talking, and nothing worth me adding to my page.

{} ROAD TRIP- Exploring Connecticut •Sep 26, 2020

Meg’s Adventtures  Follow along with my adventures to one of my new favorite states, Connecticut!! I literally felt like I was in a fairy tale, it was so magical. This was state number 8 on this road trip{}

#4 I was more than surprised when I came across Meg’s site and was “Happy” I even subscribbed (which I don’t normally do). I am also happy she had a safe place to stay one night, but I wouldn’t recommend staying at a  stranger’s place. Then again I am old and scary? I guess it comes from looking at the news for too long.

Well, I am going to cut my time in Connecticut and move onto my next project. I am basically avoiding working on my next book, because I don’t want to work out a major conflict between two sisters. Again another misunderstanding that could have been settled if people would just talk to each other….

 My next State will be  Delaware.  Time for a cup of coffee and back to work….

Bye IV Now, LD*

PS –

I type in Google doc and it is so NICE and then I get to my blog site and its a mess. I enjoy writing for fun, but I am thinking about giving it up, because I HATE this New Age stuff.

A Morning Smile…..

I always have LOVED trees.  I had started typing, but my mind is overworked. I started working on another book and I took some time to work on an article for my website (still a work in process) and my words are becoming unreadable.

I started thinking about something that makes me Smile and looking at pictures I came across a few trees. One day a bird was nice to stay where it was, and it was Morning Smile…..

Bye IV Now, LD*

Online Traveling #6: Colorado…

{} Colorado  ~  US State 

Colorado, a western U.S. state, has a diverse landscape of arid desert, river canyons and snow-covered Rocky Mountains, which are partly protected by Rocky Mountain National Park. Elsewhere, Mesa Verde National Park features Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings. Perched a mile above sea level, Denver, Colorado’s capital and largest city, features a vibrant downtown area. ― Google

Capital: Denver {} 


Traveling in Colorado? Get the latest on travel conditions and guidance for visitors in the What’s Open online guide, or call 800-COLORADO to speak to a traveler counselor. Please be aware that face coverings are mandatory in indoor public spaces.


Colorado’s mountains have plenty of activities to get your heart racing, but they’re also perfect for kicking back. Dip into our many natural hot springs, where you can soothe sore muscles after a long day of hiking or skiing. Many also offer water slides and kid-friendly amenities {}



Daisy G  Hello!!! Welcome to my channel! In this video I take you on my trip to Colorado! If you enjoyed and would like to watch my future content give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel 😉

Cheers! -Daisy {}

#1 Thi was a laid back video. Even though there were a few without masks on. The best part was going through the mountains. I didn’t agree with her about the workers being rude and wanting to go back. That would be a big “No” for me.  


#covidtravel #denver #colorado •Oct 20, 2020 

My first trip since COVID, Denver, Colorado, and it was a revelation.

Roberto Serrini • The Travelclast

While travel and vacationing have been put on lock down because of COVID, the idea of visiting or flying might seem unimaginable. So this trip to Denver, Colorado, the first I’ve taken anywhere since the pandemic hit, was monumental for me. What I found was that there was a beautiful city waiting to be enjoyed, as long as you enjoyed it responsibly.{}

#2  Now this video actually made me want to go and visit Denver. I also learned that there is little air here, but since I don’t walk too fast. I’m sure I can handle it. A lot of information and what to do and where to eat. Trying food in different areas is always so cool. Just wondering if it will be the same not eating meat?


CRAZY 14 Hour Road Trip From TEXAS to COLORADO! 😳

The Endless Adventure Nov 18, 2020

We’ve had a blast soaking up the heat in TX, but it’s time for some winter weather and mountain views! 🏔 We’re road tripping from sunny San Antonio to freezing Colorado and loved seeing the scenery change from dry desert to snow-capped peaks along the way  😍 

🧦Grab your own compression socks! 👉

Tour of Our INCREDIBLE Minimalist Tiny Cabin in Colorado! + Beautiful Mountain Hike

The Endless Adventure 94,718 views•Nov 25, 2020

We found the perfect tiny cabin in the Colorado mountains and happened to arrive in the middle of a snow storm. 

This was a super magical weekend in one of our favorite Airbnbs to date! We also explored nearby Idaho Springs, drove up the highest paved highway in the US and hiked around Evergreen Mountain to capture some amazing views! We love the hustle and bustle of cities, but nature is definitely our happy place 😍🏔 {}

# 3 & 4 videos – These two videos went hand in hand and I have always LOVED road trips. One day I will go on one. I also LOVE Texas, not only because of the food, but the desert looked like it was a quiet place. I had passed through it on my way to LA, but it wasn’t long enough to enjoy it. Although, I will NEVER do this on a greyhound bus ever again.

Side Note:  Sorry, I couldn’t get a picture for these 2 videos. I am hoping I can find another video closer to this year’s time frame. 


DENVER •Feb 28, 2021

Things To Do In Denver, Colorado

Kristen and Sam  We are in Downtown Denver, Colorado for an exciting day exploring the city! We hope that this gives you some ideas on things to do in Denver! {}

#5  Now this video I really loved. Out in the open is good, but so is a city. I liked the walk way where you can see a waterfall and the sights were just as cool as they were answering unanswered questions. I know I DO NOT like the cold, so if I ever visit it will have to be in the summer.

Then again one could always get a heavy coat and enjoy your walk with a cup of hot tea in hand. 


The Endless Adventure •Dec 1, 2020 

The PERFECT Weekend in Denver! Mile-High Biscuits, Red Rocks, Colorado-Style Pizza, & More! 🍕🏔

It’s our last few days in Colorado, so we’re eating and seeing as much as we can! We traveled all over Denver trying delicious local favorites like mile-high biscuits and Colorado-style pizza and got a dose of nature at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. We also checked out some amazing art at both the Denver Art Museum and in the cool RiNo neighborhood. It was a pretty perfect way to end our time in the mile-high city 💗 Recreate our day!

Mile High Biscuits @ Denver Biscuit Company – {}

#6 My last trip to Denver and once again I am with Eric & Allusion from ‘The Endless Adventure’. One thing I learned: New York pizza looks better, maybe one day I can go there, and see if it tastes close. Like the way I say, ‘close,’ because in my book there is no other pizza then New York’s pizza. Can you tell I am a New Yorker? My second  (The waterfall in the previous video got #1 I just remembered, I didn’t say anything about all that delicious chocolates. That is a COOL reason to go to the 16th Street Mall. It is an outdoor mall and THAT IS THE BEST for me. I like the idea that I can get out of a building into fresh air as I shop) favorite spot was the street art district called – 

{} River North Art District

Neighborhood in Denver, Colorado


Nicknamed “RiNo,” the trendy River North Art District features contemporary art galleries and hip concert venues in revamped industrial buildings. Food halls include Denver Central Market and The Source, a buzzy indoor venue with eclectic products and a bar for small plates and craft beer. Known for its colorful murals, Upper Larimer Street also has cocktail lounges, brewpubs with patios and late-night food trucks. ― Google {}

I hope you liked my trip to Colorado………

Bye IV Now, LD*

A Smile…

I am Smiling as I think about my new book and just grateful for not giving up and Believing in a better tomorrow…

I think I should have said, “God is Good & not all people are good,” but there are a lot of good in people. All we can do is pray for those who aren’t as good as they should be. Meaning no lying, taking items that doesn’t belong to you, or cause someone else pain etc, etc, etc……

Bye IV Now, LD*