Up Before the Sun






I knew today was going to be different, because I stepped out of my normal. I got up two hours before I had planned on getting up. I would normally lay there trying to go back to sleep. That never really works, my mind starts thinking of things to do, and the thoughts get louder the more you try to push them aside.




I really didn’t want to move from the warmth of my bed. “Ugh I am awake.” Oh well what’s done is done. Lights out as I reached for the remote control and soon gospel with in the air and I was on the move. I still didn’t want to turn the lights on, so with a candle, and a little lights coming from the open patio blinds it was enough light for me  to walk around my apartment.




Some may think I am not doing it right, because I am not walking outside or on a machine. This is where they are wrong. I have been walking around my apartment a d doing a low impact workout out and my back is slowly getting back to where there isn’t any pain. Although I do want to walk around my new neighborhood, but the reality of me being in so much pain I couldn’t move. No thank you. I just smile and keep on being me. I must be doing something right, otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to bring me down.




I will not stay in a box like everyone else. I will be moving forward and when I get so far in front of them, maybe they will want to catch up to me.




The sun is out and I will be working on my book as I enjoy sitting on the patio before the bugs start to come out. I can’t wait to get my 1st cup of coffee…








I am in the middle of a Pinterest day. I am clicking, saving, and posting on my Facebook page. Then I remembered a few of my friends are not on Facebook or Pinterest am still surprised at that one. Then the few friends that are on my page have said they are surprised I don’t have a lot of friends. I remind them I only have family (not all) and friends ( not everyone who knows my name are my friends, so why should they be in my space).


I may send a picture or two on their phone, but today I thought I do something different. I will write a story surrounding new clicks and go from there. I use to do this in school many years ago. I took my spelling list and turned them into stories fun instead of boring sentences. Who know I would be reliving a happy times from my past….






The thought of coming up with a story talking about flowers isn’t really happening. I am thinking about my two favorite colors and going to spend my time looking for “yellow and pink,” and enjoy my free time..


Pinterest is a cool place to get ideas for a party or just to pass the time. One never know what they are going to find….


Somethings are funny somethings are useful in a fun way.. This is a cute bedroom https://pin.it/2mwvzvgjozd5x3 and here is where you can get that look for your room or someone who likes “yellow & pink” and yes they go together.   https://pin.it/5zcp4j76mbrwex

Pinterest is an endless day of fun. At least it is for me and I know I am Not alone.



I could keep this up all day, but I’ll end it with Snoopy and get on with another project. I still have to finish my cross stitch gift. I think I’ll go out on the patio and enjoy the sun as I work. My Pinterest board “Yellow Rose” isn’t going anywhere, but since my board is like my “blog” a little bit of everything – I may change its title? Something to think about…

The End!!!