I am in the middle of a Pinterest day. I am clicking, saving, and posting on my Facebook page. Then I remembered a few of my friends are not on Facebook or Pinterest am still surprised at that one. Then the few friends that are on my page have said they are surprised I don’t have a lot of friends. I remind them I only have family (not all) and friends ( not everyone who knows my name are my friends, so why should they be in my space).


I may send a picture or two on their phone, but today I thought I do something different. I will write a story surrounding new clicks and go from there. I use to do this in school many years ago. I took my spelling list and turned them into stories fun instead of boring sentences. Who know I would be reliving a happy times from my past….






The thought of coming up with a story talking about flowers isn’t really happening. I am thinking about my two favorite colors and going to spend my time looking for “yellow and pink,” and enjoy my free time..


Pinterest is a cool place to get ideas for a party or just to pass the time. One never know what they are going to find….


Somethings are funny somethings are useful in a fun way.. This is a cute bedroom https://pin.it/2mwvzvgjozd5x3 and here is where you can get that look for your room or someone who likes “yellow & pink” and yes they go together.   https://pin.it/5zcp4j76mbrwex

Pinterest is an endless day of fun. At least it is for me and I know I am Not alone.



I could keep this up all day, but I’ll end it with Snoopy and get on with another project. I still have to finish my cross stitch gift. I think I’ll go out on the patio and enjoy the sun as I work. My Pinterest board “Yellow Rose” isn’t going anywhere, but since my board is like my “blog” a little bit of everything – I may change its title? Something to think about…

The End!!!


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