Making a List…




Having a plan in one’s head is a start and making a list of things to do.

Following through on that plan is a totally different story.

Do you remember the plan and actually do the things on that imaginary list?

Have you forgotten that list altogether or your mind has temporarily gone blink. Meaning, you know you have to do something, “what is it” is the question you keep asking yourself?

Taking a deep breath and start going over what you normally do every day.

If that doesn’t work?

Relax with your favorite hot beverage.

Coffee with flavored creamer for me.

(Laughing)  I am or was laughing was, because as I was preparing for my coffee. I went towards my coffee stand and notice a cute cup I never drank out of.

Someone once asked me, “I bet you have a lot of cups?” I told them “no,” but it’s nice to have more than one. Who knows when you are going to have a friend or two come over.

I am ready for coffee as well as tea.

I have always wanted a coffee bar. 

This is as close as I can get 

a coffee bar.

I remembered what was planned 

the night before and only done one thing.

Well, my eyes are open, and after I enjoy watching “The Real”. 


  • Getting into the Word (Bible)
  • Going online to find my real job
  • Work on my blanket (crocheting)
  • Work on my cross stitch gift
  • If I can get inspired I will work on my book.


As I continue to type this thought, I realized I am keeping my word by working on my blog, and posting at least twice a week. (Smile) 😃






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