Keeping One’s Word



Waking up with the taste of tomatoes is a little different from the bacon and eggs (If one eats pork, which I no longer eat).

What to make a quick omelette with cheese and tomatoes and some toast on the side. 

Then you might as well as fic some grits.

That all sounded like a good idea until I walked into the kitchen.

A change of plans,after I opened the patio blinds, followed by the door, and it isn’t too hot today. 

Today would be a great day to enjoy 

my coffee and a book.

If I eat a big breakfast 

I would just want to go to sleep.

Boiled some water for a little pasta

and lunch became breakfast.

I didn’t remember to take a picture until all of the food was gone.

Okay, I can get my coffee ready. 

Nope, because I remembered the bugs.

I did put on some bug spray as I am working on this story on the patio and plan on getting into the Word next.

I am smiling, because I am keeping my word to myself:


  1. Studying the Word more my way. Which is to write everything down and ask questions when needed.
  2. Enjoying time on the patio.
  3. Drinking more water and  exercising.
  4. Staying positive.
  5. Believing in myself.





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