Staying Focused

I decided I wanted to crochet a new blanket. I knew I wanted a simple stitch, but nothing like anything I have already done. So I go to YouTube and look for that new stitch. I believe I am following a few people, but I don’t go to their page at first, because I wanted to look through a few stitches first and without knowing the names of these stitches, it works better (at least for me) to look through five or more. Once I find what I like (after writing the name of the stitch down) I would go to my favorite person’s page and see if they have what I am looking for.


If by chance they don’t have it, I’ll retype the name of the stitch, listen and see if I can follow a new person. My advance is not settled for the first one you click on, because the next one or the fifth person you can understand more clearly and follow their directions better.


I have been wanting to set up an etsy account  ( is where creative people sell what they make) and I was going through my yarn. I had a few blankets people asked for, but never paid for it as well as projects for fun. Then I came across a lot of granny squares, and remembered an idea.


I was going to just continue to make these squares, but they are so boring. I have all this extra yarn, so one more big blanket, and back to the squares. Then I realized I had or least wanted to do something different. So I am on the hunt. I did find one, but not sure it’s meant for more the one color. 


I just realized I got distracted by what I had planned to do. I am going to sell granny squares and not worry about these big blankets. If I am going to sell a dozen a bundle, I need to stay focused, and stay with one project at a time.


I also decided to rearrange my point of view. I have a clear basket where I had my yarn and was putting the granny squares in another bag. I had that backwards. Let me put the complete squares into the see through bag and yarn in regularly bag that way I can actually see my progress.  (At least until it’s full and I have to empty it again).


I did separate the material of yarn and by actually being able to see them I can and will stay focused.


There will be another time to make a bigger blanket, say in the winter when your work can keep you warm, and you can work longer.


The End!!


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