Moving Forward

I need to get back to being alone in a crowd, because I found some people like to live in the past. I am not perfect and will never try to be. It took me a moment to learn from past hurts and move forward.


I wonder why people want to play games. They are saying things that seems to encourage you, then they will bring up the past, and continue to tell you how to live your life.


Am I so weak that I don’t see what you are doing? I have moved on. I have learned that if you hold onto the past, one cannot move forward, and be happy. Its funny, because people have noticed that change. In reality I didn’t really care, because it’s my life.


There’s is always going to be that one person who no matter how much they seem friendly, they are not really your friends, and they are the ones who need to be a passing friend.


I always wonder why a church family, who is friendly, but keeps to herself. I now understand and wish I hadn’t opened up as I did. I lived in New York City for a few years and pretty much kept to myself, but  I wanted to change. Well, at least be more friendly around my church family (still polite towards others). 


I have made some real friends and I am slowing down on who is real and who isn’t. It’s sad when others who see you are moving forward and try to bring you down. The funny thing is, she didn’t get me upset, and she noticed it. She then said something else, but grateful it was time for me to get off of the church bus. 


~I just realized the driver looking at her through the mirror & the next thing I knew he was driving me home first. Normally we get dropped off the number we were picked up, and I was the last one picked up. I am so grateful he either picked up on what was going on or because he knew I wasn’t feeling well ~ he changed the order. So grateful~


                     The End!!!

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