Up Early

Its 5:31am now (up since 4:15am playing township ~ my little country in the city online game) and the sun isn’t up. I realized eating a light dinner may sound like a good idea, but not if your tummy wakes you before the sun.


Well, now that I think about it, this is my work day schedule, but I don’t have to go to work.  Now there are times when I can sleep and have to get up and times (like today) when I am on my time. I should be able to sleep.


There’s nothing I can do, but start my day. In away it’s a good thing. I can get to the store early, before the sun gets it too hot to walk, and back in the air to enjoy my coffee.


Who says one has to sleep late on a Saturday? One day, but not today.


                    The End…

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