People are Funny…

Working hard to better me….  I learned a new stitch yesterday and changed it to work my way today….  In everything I am doing, I am Smiling, I may not post it all on fb, (for I am Not an open book for all to see & know) and as I continue to be true to my Savior and myself I Will Win. Break is over back to work, my next break will be a water break, and that pitcher will be empty….


~~~ Normally I post something I wrote on this blog and post it on my facebook page, but this is a first by me taking something from my facebook page to post one the blog. ~~~ I thought  had gotten over a few hurtful words from people, because of a picture:


A plate of empty cupcake holders. People act like I stopped eating healthy and drinking water. I even started explaining how this was from my son’s birthday and I just wanted something sweet. I wasn’t hardly going to turn down cupcakes that were made from scratch by my own two hands.

One person called me out on my page, another came up to me before service started, and another called me on the phone. He wasn’t hearing anything I said and only told me what he thought I should be doing.

People are so funny, because they see my life as their own? I wonder if they are focusing on me, to avoid what they are doing themselves? I wanted to ask them how their supervisor feels about them staying in the bathroom all day, because they are drinking a pitcher of water every day. 

I am laughing, because I have never known a company that paid people to stay in the restroom all day. If that is the case,(pause) no way I wouldn’t want to work there, but my they do – not.

Time is moving way too fast and I haven’t even come close to doing everything I set out to do, but taking one thing at a time is the best thing I can do and that is okay with me. Sometimes fast isn’t always good and one one can’t really go too slow. In the end you go a little faster then slow, but not too fast where you cannot give your best. So, I will keep on moving at my own speed.

There comes a time when you have to be true yourself and leave everyone behind you, if they can’t keep up with you, because in reality. Not everyone is supposed to be with you anyway.

Well, I have to get back to working on my blanket, and I have been wanting to watch the live Aladdin movie with Will Smith. I can’t wait to get my “online magazine” started and start selling a blanket or two my way. And, that will be a story for another day, because the sun won’t be out for much longer and I don’t want to go to sleep without working on my latest project…


Bye IV now, LD*

(The sun has gone down, because I was late with this post. Better than not at all).



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