Dear James, A Joke

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Dear James,


I thought you finally gotten it through your head that I am done talking to you. I was wrong, but once again I got in touch with you and actually spelled it out to you. I even told you how you could better yourself, by getting into the Word, and maybe then we could start talking again.

I knew you were never going to read the Bible. You refer to it as just a book and with that it mind. You will always remain where you are and that is your choice. You complain and complain how things are always going wrong, but you don’t want to change try and make it better. 

You never could understand how I could be positive when you know I am walking through rough times. I can make a list of things you talked about as well as the things I am going through.

1.  I didn’t have a job, but my bills were paid  and food was on the table.

You: You have a good paying job, but since you are not managing your money and giving it to everyone who is in need. You don’t have what you need to truly take care of your bills. 

2. I never stopped looking for the right job and not just a job. It may have taken me over two months, but I am now working Monday through Friday 7am to 3pm and every other Saturday. This means I will never miss a day or night of service and still have enough time to go back to school and work on my craft. I know what you have said about my writing (posting stories on my blog or working on my book) and making blankets (that no one wants to buy). True you apologized and said you were only joking. People say what they mean  and it’s not always a joke.

You: There are other things you can do in your company. You have talked about moving to another area, but it will change your hours  and it will get you away from stressful people, but you don’t want to change. You say you aren’t running from anyone, but yet you let them get to you every day. You leave with a headache and upset you can barely get home without getting into an ancient.  (I left a good job, because I am worth more then what they was putting me through). Too bad you don’t know yourself worth?

3.  I have had a dream since I was young and I am walking out that dream. I enjoy writing and being creative and I know one day I will be able to live off my dream. Those who put in their time, their heart, and hard work will see their dreams become reality. I don’t always have to be big enough for the world to see and enjoy. If you catch the eyes of a few (as of 02/09/2020 I have 10 people following my page and I am so grateful and blessed) and who knows how many will follow in the days to come?

 You: You have never wanted anything other than getting a car and your own place and last I check you didn’t have either.

Wow, with these three different points of views is it any wonder why I am no longer talking to you. I cannot keep telling you things will be alright, when I know that’s a lie. One has to change to make things right. 

This sending me a text asking how I am doing a signing it, “with love” is something we haven’t done in the past, so why would you do that now? Then again why would you text me using a different females name, thinking I was going to text you back. 

I have told you  I need people who are encouraging and uplifting in my life. They are working on a dream or just want to live the best life they can. One has to change to do that. You are none of those things. I really pray you get it in your head to stop with the text and if you call my phone I will press charges on you. (I do recall you said jail wasn’t fun)

You even suggested I should change my number if I didn’t want you to text me anymore? Yet, you know I was looking for a job and may have cut my chances off in getting a job, if I had done what you thought I should do. Why should I change my world when you should just get  life? 

I read your text, just so that I can laugh, but sooner or later this will NO LONGER be funny. I have moved on and I don’t understand why you hadn’t done the same?


Bye IV now, LD

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