Writing IV Me…



I decided I wasn’t going to work on my last last book and just write for me. I am smiling trying to overcome the eel feeling I have for this book. I have been told countless times to leave it alone, but I am not feeling it.


I have cut a lot, but not enough. I will not give up on it. These books were written when I didn’t know Jesus, heard of Him, but wasn’t trying to be like him. 


I did realize that is why I have a publisher and will ask her and let her decide. I will suggest that two of the three books be cut and added together and that would make me happy.


My fingers are already to get to typing the next and best series of books. That is the only reason I agreed to go over this one, because one cannot move from one to four without having two and three come in between.


I have a lot more to say, but as I turned to my window and noticed the sun is already shining bright and I have yet to enjoy my coffee. I just remembered I am down to two bags and will not be able to go to the store to get any more.


I have only found this coffee in one retail store. This is a store where I used to work at and although I don’t work there anymore. I was told I could come back, but that never happened.


I also decided if I wasn’t good enough to work for them, my money isn’t good enough to support them. A sad thought to never enjoying my coffee again. Then I just had to laugh, because I now live in a time where one can find and buy anything online.


On my job hunt I came across another retail store close to the one I worked at that had close to the same items, cost a little more, but my money will go there.




Bye IV now, LD*

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