A Time to Myself..


  I kept on searching for the birds I was listening to too, looking out my bedroom window, and realized it’s such a nice day why am I inside. It didn’t take me long in gathering a few items to go out and enjoy the sun.


The sun may have been out, too bad it didn’t bring its heat, but it was still a good day to work outside. Had my gospel playing (others could hear it as well, but it wasn’t blasting) my crochet in hand, and a hood over my head.

I couldn’t find those birds from earlier, then again I didn’t realize kids were playing in the playground  across the street a block away until I was out on the patio. That didn’t faze me and every now and then I played the old lady and watched.


One day I am going to understand why the young don’t realize they can break a bone or two and it hurts. I prayed that they enjoyed their fun and returned home unharmed. I never paid attention to that until I had a child of my own and just wanted to tell everyone else to be careful I wonder if I am alone in thinking like that? My son tells me to stop worrying  about it, because I can’t do anything about it. True, but I will never stop praying for others even if they don’t know it.


I was truly enjoying my quiet time and sure enough here comes my noisy neighbor and I was ready to go back inside not because of the loud voice, but because of that cancer stick she was smoking. I do live in a smoke-free building, but people do what they want.


I was so happy when she went back into her apartment and I once enjoyed nature’s song along with my music. That was short lived, because my young neighbor on my right side decided she wanted to have a loud agreement with her friend and now and days one don’t stop and look – one move away and don’t look back. (Unless it was my child – then they may run, because  no one wants to see this lioness get loud)


Although my time was cut short. I still  say I enjoyed my time I was out on my patio. I’m going to have to get me an outdoor table one day, because that blue plastic tub isn’t really working. 


I didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted my patio to look like, but I am getting close. I don’t want a lot of stuff, because it will look junky and who wants that look? I really should hurry up, because the prices will be going up. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this at the end of last summer, when everything went on sale, but it’s way too late for the how comes?


The sun is getting lighter and I haven’t yet gotten anything to eat and I know I cannot have a cup of coffee without eating first, so I am going to end this here, and can’t wait to see what I will think to write or type tomorrow.


Bye IV Now, LD*

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