Listen to my Words…..

Directions should make steps easier to follow, if they are clear, and to the point? 

That statement sounds simple enough, but can they be answered correctly, because people will always do what they want to do even if they were given the right directions.

Example: I was running late for work today, so why not call a lyft. I told the driver where I was standing, the color of my outfit, and to ask me my name.

The driver got about somewhat close to me across the street from me, not even in front of the only Burger King in the area.

I even had to walk towards him, because I was running out of time, and couldn’t wait for another driver. Yes, I got to work on time, and no he didn’t get a tip from me.

(I am grateful we didn’t get hit as he backed up, getting back to the street where he could drive,because he drove into a bus station. (and he didn’t get a ticket)

Sometimes it’s best to follow directions and if you are unsure, ask a question, and then go from there…

Bye IV Now, LD*

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