Still Just Me….

Happy and Sad all at the same time? It is crazy to feel this way. How can one person feel two different things at one time? I am thinking I should focus on one, but then the second comes a step closer to the first. Then how can I Not think of both?

My Happy thought: I have been wanting to start a website, (and yes I know this blog is a website) where I am just talking about my craft, and maybe a book or two. 

Someone asked : “Don’t you already have a blog, where you can do that, and not spend money you don’t have?”

I answered         : “Yes, I already have a blog and my 3am Thunder of Word blog is just that? It is a thunder of words and my words can be anywhere from a mild storm or something loud and crazy. There is a difference from having a site based totally on my creative thoughts”.

People still seem to amaze me, because if I am happy being me. Why is it bothering you? It is a GOOD thing I NO LONGER allow others to second guess who I am now and who I will be tomorrow.

My Sad thought   :  I thought I finally got my NEW site cleared, but I was wrong. I can log into that account on different screens and it is secure, but it still says, “—-

I am BEYOND HAPPY, because there is NO LONGER A PROBLEM!!!! Can you tell I am Happy? I may have only one story, No Logo, but one step at a time. Here is my 2nd outlook on staying positive. I WILL NEVER STOP BEING ME!!   It isn’t perfect and I am a little upset, because I see some mistakes. Who said I was perfect ~ not me….

Bye IV Now, LD*

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