Staying Focus….

I am determined to stay focus on my goal to be a better me: 

  • Mind – holding on to positive thoughts, not over looking mistakes, but to learn from them. 
  • Body – understand I may Never be a size 10 again, but I don’t have to be a  plus size any longer. 
  • Spirit – not just listening to gospel, or reading the Word, but applying what I learn  to my every step.

It isn’t as easy to look out at the world and feel lost or afraid? People are stealing, (from stores in daylight, the threat to harm customers as well as employees is a scary thing)  and it’s what I have to live through every time I go to work.

The question I had to ask myself is do I stay and keep praying to be safe and those around me or ask myself questions about the company I am working for?

  1. Is this job enough to pay living expenses, health benefits, and encourage growth within the company?
  2. Am I enjoying what I am doing or counting the minutes before I can leave?

Wow, I thought I could get more than two questions. I don’t have health coverage and a place of my own. I am not designing, or putting stuff in order. 

My answer to those two questions is “no,” and I am Smart enough to move on (but not before I find something else). I also know I don’t want to go to another dead end job. 

It goes back to your mind and spirit. It is beyond time to let my creative stand strong, because  I can learn. My faith says I have NO reason to fear.

My body needs work, and it’s time I get it moving. I will be a Better Me! I have taken steps like drinking more water, yoga, dancing, and with every step I walk I am getting closer to my goal.

Bye IV Now, LD*

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