Online Traveling 14: Indiana.

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I cannot believe it took me three days to come up with a pattern for my next crochet project. I know it was mostly my fault, because I was trying to combine two different patterns together and neither one was having that.

I am doing a basic half double crochet stitch as I look through videos about? Where am I going today? When I checked my list of states and territory of the United States and realized Indiana was or is the 14th state. All I heard was Micheal Jackson voice singing “Going Back to Indiana,” and I am going to have to google to see if that is a song. (I know I am not that old and I should remember these things).

I was right. I just watched a video (I will not add it, because I don’t have any rights to it) and now that I think about it he was from Gary Indiana. Guess where I am going first?

{} Gary City in Indiana Description :   Gary is a city in Lake County, Indiana, United States, 25 miles from downtown Chicago, Illinois. Gary is adjacent to the Indiana Dunes   National Park and borders  southern Lake Michigan. Gary was named after lawyer Elbert Henry Gary, who was the founding chairman of the United States Steel Corporation.  Wikipedia{}



#1 This part of Gary Indiana is like a lot of areas where there isn’t enough money to keep the area where life can grow. There may have been a few abandoned buildings  from business and homes that showed life was there at one time. I am sure the people who are living here are doing the best they can and maybe someday, someone will come, and do a makeover (not raising money to those who are already living there) to bring life back to a forgotten part of Gary Indiana.

{}  Travel Vlog #2: J5Lover Goes Back To Gary, Indiana! July 10,2021

J5LOVER   In this episode of J5Lover I visit the original Jackson family home in Gary, Indiana and meet up with other fans and Youtubers on the 12th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing June 25th! {}

#2  I should watch the video again, because I forgot her name. Anyway, I do agree with her. I heard the house where the Jackson family grew up was small, but I am beyond surprised how small.  

We all are here, because of our past. One can either learn from it and try to move forward to improve on  how we live,  the way we act, and be better than what we were yesterday.

Good – Bye Gary Indiana there isn’t much more to see here today, but who knows what a few years will bring.

{} Chesterton, Indiana Town in the U.S. state of Indiana                           Chesterton is a town in Westchester, Jackson and Liberty townships in Porter Country, in the U.S. state of Indiana. The population was 13,068.. {}

{}    #indianadunes #beachesandbeyond  Mar 17, 2021          What Are the Indiana Dunes? – Dunes 101: Orientation/ Indiana Dunes  

Indiana Dunes Tourism  Join Ranger Matt in the Dunes 101 Series to learn everything you need to know about the Indiana Dunes and how to best experience the Indiana Dunes Tourism –​ {}

#3 Another place where there are fun things to do in nature. I may not be the one who would go camping, (unless it is in a log cabin with a few mardon items) but someone may like this idea.  I would rather go when there aren’t a lot of people. One cannot think if there is too much going on around them. (at least for me)

{} Zionsville, Indiana Town of Indiana   Zionsville is a suburban town located in the extreme southeast area of Boone County, Indiana, United States, northwest of Indianapolis…….The … {} 

{}    Zionsville perc State finals 2021 jpurs99{}

#4    I am not sure why I clicked onto this video, because it had very little information about what it was about. I understood it was a school event (high School or College not sure. Again no info)and I just wanted to see what they were doing. It had a dance routine surrounded by music and it was nice to look at. 

{}    July 29, 2021  Living in Rural Indianapolis In NW Zionsville/ Not So Fast!

Living In Indianapolis  Living in Rural Indianapolis In NW Zionsville Indiana/ Not So Fast! {}

#5  This video showed you places where one can live in a quiet area and still be close to a city for things to do and where you can go shopping. I know I couldn’t live anywhere if I couldn’t go shopping every once in a while..

*** Side Note:  I am bored. Let me go to another city and see if there is more to this state..

{} Brownsburg, Indiana Town in Indiana, United States    Brownsbur is a town in Hendricks County, Indiana, United States. The population was 21,285 at the 2010 Census, an increase from 14,520 in 2… {}

{}  Taps Across America 2021 – Mike Stone – Brownsburg, Indiana, USA May 31, 2021 

Taps For Veterans Events Taps Across America   I’m truly blessed to use my talent for honoring our soldiers and country. Distillery Sales Manager for Zeptha Creed in Shelbyville, Kentucky recorded from residence in Brownsburg, Indiana. {}

#6 Now this is a NICE side track video. Yes, I am still in Indiana, but it has nothing to do with the state, but more on honoring our Troops. I wish I could do something to say, “Thank You” to everyone who has served and is serving to not only protect their hometown, but others they do not know.

*** Okay, I didn’t see any video that I wanted to look at. I was considering going to another city, but I believe I am done searching. I guess I am more interested in working on my bright pink project then I am hoping to find a new anime to watch while I work on my project.

These are the colors I am working on now. I know I am going to run out of yarn, but at least I will have something to do for a few days. And maybe just maybe I will be able to go to Micheal’s and enjoy a day of yarn shopping.  Until next time I hope everyone enjoy some free time with family & friends…

Bye IV, Now LD*

2 thoughts on “Online Traveling 14: Indiana.

  1. Jenny says:

    I live in Indiana! I live in a tiny town 30 minutes southwest of Indianapolis. I like what I’ve seen of Zionsville – there’s a little downtown area with some restaurants and cute shops. Pretty sure there is a yarn store there too 🙂


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