Jokes on You….

I know I am overweight 

and have to lose these extra pounds. 

I am working on a better me. 

I don’t need a person 

who is a size 10 to point that out. 

I don’t need anyone else 

 to tell me what I already know.

I don’t need you 

to point out the pain in my back 

 as well as my knees is,

 because I am standing all day 

and being overweight isn’t  good.

I was  trying NOT to be 

as rude as you.

You spent the first half of the morning 

Complaining  how I clean 

and then insulting me

 and you wonder why

 I stopped talking to you?

People make me shake my head 

and pray they start 

thinking before they talk 

and ask themselves,

 “how would I feel if someone said that to me?”

I am laughing, 

because my feelings weren’t hurt. 

I knew she didn’t get the response

 she was looking for, 

 because of her surprised expression on her face.

hahaha ~ hahaha

Bye IV Now, LD*

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